JP Staffing Solutions empowers busy recruiters to succeed by offering access to quality workforce fast and flexibly all across Finland. With over 20 years of industry experience and a track record of more than 25,000 successful recruitment assignments both domestically and internationally, we demonstrate our expertise.


JP job rental helps busy recruiters hire quality workers quickly and flexibly all over Finland. Our services include direct recruitment, staff rental, talent sourcing, relocation, gig work and certain tasks subcontracting. The biggest advantage of using rental staff is its flexibility because you can assess the suitability of the staff and decide on possible long-term hiring later.

We offer caring personnel services

In direct recruitment, we utilize international expertise and collaborate with our sister company, The Star Across kanssa.

Our sister company has offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Toronto. We offer international experts and ensure their expertise, qualifications, and skills. Additionally, we support the employee during the integration process by, for example, assisting with practical matters.


We are committed to responsible business practices, employee well-being and creating a societal impact. With international recruitment expertise, we prioritise diversity and quality staffing solutions while creating jobs and economic development. Our relocation services ensure a smooth transition for employees, who are moving to Finland. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in society.


Our mission is to provide fast and flexible staffing solutions for all industries with 6QQ process.


We aim to be a leading, flexible and fast international staffing provider and trusted partner.


We have over 20 years of experience in international personnel management, HR, sales, staff rental and recruitment.

6-Step QQ-Recruitment Process

6-Step QQ-Recruitment Process

JP's QQ method finds best talent

Client requirements


JP network's marketing & HR pools


CV shortlisting


Prequalification call


Technical interview & BGC


Selected CV's to client interviews


We are proud that we have gained a strong foothold in the Finnish labor market. We cooperate with both international groups and local companies - our customers are a range of Finnish and international companies, which offer our employees access to a wide range of interesting work opportunities.

We operate nationwide, right from the southern part of our country to the northern fells. We understand the needs of different regions and also what kind of opportunities there are in the Finnish labor market. Our international background enables global cooperation.

The job market is in transition, but our expertise in various industries is solid. We aim to effectively reach the skills our client companies need, and at the same time we can offer future jobs to everyone - already today.

JP työnvuokraus example industries

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Construction Industry

Cleaning and Maintenance

Automotive Industry and Repair Work

Healthcare and Childcare

Metal Industry

Other Technology and Industrial sector

Sales and Marketing

Gig Work




Hotel and Restaurant Industry

JP työnvuokraus example industries

Read more about the industry work possibilities and co-operation examples by clicking the icons.

Cleaning and Maintenance



Gig Work


How to Make Create Resume. Young woman student writing resume or cv letter for applying for a job
Job search

Stand out from other applicants – Tips for crafting your CV

CV, eli ansioluettelo, on vahvan työhakemuksen perusta. Ansioluettelon kautta rekrytoija saa käsityksen hakijan koulutustaustasta, työkokemuksesta ja osaamisesta. On tärkeää, että ansioluettelo kertoo tärkeimmät asiat hakijan

Attractions of Finnish Kerava.
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